Hey there. I'm Rashaad. And I'm here to uplift humanity through creativity. Below is a bit of my story.


For the past ten years, I have been actively engaged in entertainment...

I've produced projects, played keys in a band, managed talent, hosted live events and more. Yet for the past 24 years, I have been in the People business. My mother, Kerri, launched a non-profit organization focused on under-served and at-risk youth when I was just five years old and in doing so, it gave me the foundation to do right and help others get to better.

I help people get to better through my work in entertainment and also through intuitive coaching. It's similar to a life coach but I work with the spirit, the soul, the heart and the mind of a person. All that is within, I help bring it all the way out. And I do this in a number of ways including on-demand pep-talks, meditation, clarity and healing sessions, prayer and spiritual coaching.


Whether you're here searching for something specific or you just happened to come across the site, there's no coincidence that you're here. Yes, in this very moment, if you're reading these words, you were led here. If you need help tapping into your spiritual powers, if you would like to discover your natural gifts, if you're seeking partnership or sponsorship opportunities (we are always looking to partner), even if you're interested in talent representation, there's something on this site for you. I encourage you to send me an email, drop me a line and let me know how I can help. Until then, keep creating, you beautiful soul, keep creating.


Rashaad King,

The Soul Creator