5 Tips to gain Clarity and increase Confidence

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Remember when the clock struck 12 on New Years? There were resolutions, goals and plans made. Have you stuck with yours or have you gotten thrown off track? Remember this is a no-judgment zone so your secret is safe with me.

Most of us lose our way when we set those things in place and with the second quarter of 2018 less than a week away, I figured it was time to help my tribe get realigned with their goals.

Here you will find 5 Tips to gain clarity and increase confidence for the next quarter of 2018.

#1 - Get Still.

If you take a moment and look around, you’ll notice someone going somewhere all the time. The world is always on. Whether we’re going to work or school or meetings or appointments, we become distracted and lost in the day to day. Getting completely still will lead you to being able to think more clearly, causing you to focus better and decide your next best move. When you know what you want to focus on, this will help you gain the necessary confidence to move forward in a bold and assertive way.

#2 - Silence the noise.

You can do this by meditation or prayer. Both are good for your spirit. Silence the noise in your life for your mind by disconnecting from social media, turning your cellphone off or even just taking five minutes of “You Time” by sitting inside a dark room by yourself in complete silence. It’s difficult to do this alone with kids so encouraging “Us Time” to get quiet works wonders. When you silence the noise and hear what Spirit is saying to you, you can then truly tune in to you. Sometimes you have to disconnect in order to reconnect to what matters most.

#3 - Know that you were born a beautiful, bad-ass, kick-ass soul. 4real.

You read that right. There is no one exactly like you on this planet. You could be a twin, triplet or born with two heads. There are NONE like you. You are a one-of-a-kind creation of the Divine Creator. Don’t believe in The Creator? You are a one-of-a-kind creation of you. All of the things you like about yourself supports this. All of the things you don’t like about yourself also supports this. These things, that you like and don’t like are still yours. OWN them. And you will own your life. But believe me, it feels much better when you become okay with everything about you.

#4 – Be courageous and trust the process.

Once you’ve gotten clear and once you’ve remembered just how amazing you truly are, the next tip is to stand inside yourself and trust the process. This art of trusting yourself, gives you the opportunity to let life bring you your best. When you focus in on your goals and desires, life has to match what you think and also what you feel. That’s a universal law like the law of gravity. Trust that with every intuitive decision you make, you are supported. Trust that you are loved. Trust that all is well. Trust the process. You have nothing to worry about.

#5 – Let love guide you.

Everything done in this life, with a lasting, positive impact, is done with love. Love is the fabric of our life’s satisfaction. If you allow love to be your foundation, the house that you build upon it cannot be torn down by any force, not even hate (hate doesn’t really exist – it’s just the absence of love). When you let love and compassion lead in your life, you will go from confused to conscious, allowing your light to shine a little bit brighter than before. And this creates the clear and confident life you desire to live.

Do things that support your purpose.
— Rashaad King

These are five simple tips that you can use to gain immediate clarity and shift you towards being a little more confident. I will be releasing an online course next quarter called Clear Confidence, tackling clarity and confidence blockages you may be facing. If it's difficult for you to complete a task, hard for you to commit to following up or confused about your next steps in life, ironically, this course is for you. It will motivate you to get aligned with your purpose and goals and you will no longer have to be worried about not showing up for others because you are now showing up for yourself.

There is a current waitlist for the course, so enter your email below and join the tribe to get notified when the course will be available!

You already know how much I love you. But in case you've forgotten, beyond the moon and the stars. Until we connect again, you beautiful soul, keep creating.


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