Oracle Card Reading: Week 8/20/18

Hey Souljer,

Here's your weekly Oracle Card Reading! Really excited about this one. Two cards flipped out at the same time but Spirit led me to flip the top card of the deck and the bottom card of the deck as well. Here's what came up for you this week:



“You are comfortable in your own skin. You belong.”

Peace, security, safety, belonging, and all the features one would want from “home” are indicated now. The Home card represents an invitation to experience what it’s like to be secure in your own skin, to live comfortably no matter what it is happening in the world around you. It is a time for opening your eyes to your tribe of like-minded people, or one special person who makes you feel like you’ve come home.

Home is love, and love is all around you now. You are where you’re meant to be and will reap great benefits by staying on this path regardless of where it leads. Home will always be with you - it is where the heart is.



"Your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs are always engaging the vast field of pure potential."

This is the perfect time to harness the field of vast potential not yet realized in your life. Great abundance is yours if you're willing to do the inner work. Be clear about your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. Concentrate on your best life regardless of the temporary outer conditions imposed upon you by the greater world, which has its own story to tell. You have a basket full of seeds that are quite powerful, for your talents are Divinely inspired and will indeed lead to a great harvest to be shared with others.

You will reap what you have sown. Dream big, dream beautiful, take inspired action and tend to the garden of your life...and experience the extraordinary.



"Everything is connected through the universal flow of consciousness."

Every experience you have seems to have its own life story, with a beginning; a middle; and eventually, an end. However, there is danger in seeing events as separate from one another, since in fact they are all part of a continuity and a greater evolution.

Like an ever-flowing Magic Stream, your experiences filter through the whole world, one leading into another, informing and influencing still more. Inspiration, invention, and revelations rarely come to just one person. The collective awareness is a shared storehouse of potential. When you remember you're part of the fluid continuity of life, you become a channel for great inspiration. Allow the magic to flow through you and carry your dreams into reality. Your success will benefit many.



"Desire is the sacred impulse for life. Feel it, but let go of all attachment to ownership."

Desire is the most important impulse for creating life. Now you're seeing the relationship between desire and inspiration, and sensing that moment of truth when you feel the inception of new life. It is an "Aha!" moment when everything makes sense.

Perhaps you recognize a soul mate, or are conceiving a baby or an idea. The Wishing Well card awakens you to the presence of unseen forces that enable new beginnings. Divine intelligence activates the field of possibilities where new life is co-created in a magical way. Neither you nor anyone else can know how or why this happens. It just does.

To that end, you can't control the process of growth. Rather, you must step aside to be a channel for higher forces and relinquish any attachment to how this new creation should appear, or when. Form your intention, and take inspired action by dropping the coin into the Wishing Well; then trust in Spirit. Prepare to be amazed.

As you start and end at Home, always know that as you step into the limitless potentiality that the Field of Dreams has to offer, stay in the flow of the Magic Stream and you will be led to the Wishing Well of Happiness, which will in turn, return you home, because home is where the heart is.

Here's to you, Souljer!

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