Fear Thyself

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Fear Thyself

is a 2016 horror/thriller short film written and directed by ItsFearHerself, Nicole Renee and produced by Rashaad King, Mark Anthony and Christina Gaspard.

The film follows Gina, a Type-1 Diabetic who is having trouble managing her condition after reading about death and diabetes. She’s haunted in her dreams by something a little too close for comfort, later realizing she won’t ever be able to escape herself.

Fear Thyself was developed in February 2016 and began principal photography in April 2016. The original version of the script was developed as the first installment of a ten-part anthology series created by Rashaad King entitled Expressions. As time progressed, Fear Thyself took on a life of it’s own and turned into it’s own standalone project.

The film debuted on World Diabetes Day on Monday, November 14th, 2016 at the Los Angeles Public Library as part of their November programming in conjunction with Diabetes Awareness Month.

To date, Fear Thyself is the only film of it’s kind to take on the horror/thriller genre focused on Type-1 diabetes.

Writer/Director Nicole Renee answers questions about living with Type-1 diabetes.



30 Second Teaser

To purchase a digital download of the film Fear Thyself, please click the button below.

A portion of the proceeds will go towards the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, organization of choice by Writer-Director and Type-1 diabetic, Nicole Renee.

Runtime: 14:24

Production Company: The Lifeline Company, Konglo Films

Opening and Closing Credits: NLI Studios


Gina - Sharhonda Roberts

Daniel - Jalen McKoy

Renee - Bobbie Riley

Ashley - Shanika Mckinney


Writer – ItsFearHerself

Director – ItsFearHerself

Producers – Rashaad King, Mark Anthony, Christina Gaspard

Director of Photography – Warren Todd

Cinematographer – Daniel Curtis Lee

Editor – Anthony Rivera

First Assistant Editor – Aaron Lucas

Second Assistant Editor – Patrick Barraza

Boom Operator – Fletcher Kade

Composer – Jamin Ari

Sound Effects – Anthony Rivera

SFX Makeup – Bobbie Riley

Visual Effects – NLI Studios

The Producers and Director wish to thank

Joyce Cooper

Christina Adams

Jaz Gray

Cari Smith

Kerri Rakestraw

Zoe Soul

Yvette Woodson

Stacy Lewis

Ganey Renee Woodson